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Cataclysmic History

February 11, 2012

There is a lot of upheaval in history. Nations invade and destroy other nations, wars leave millions homeless or dead. Diseases have ravaged the world repeatedly decimating populations on a large scale like the Black Death, or on the small scale like the European diseases introduced into the Native American populations with disastrous results.

But all that history involves humans. Mother Nature, on the other hand, seems to have been the perfect hostess over the eons. Sure mountains were built but very slowly, gradually. Continents have been formed and moved, gradually, slowly, very peacefully.

Science would have us believe that all these massive programs have each taken millennia to accomplish, and so no creatures – especially human ancestors – were much discomfited by the changes.

It paints such a nice and pleasant view of the changes the world has gone through. Sure things like Atlantis have sunk over the years but slowly, a quarter inch at a time, the years encroaching slowly. And, before the waves could encroach on habitations, the people could up and move to higher ground.

Such a pleasant pastoral existence this planet has had. But for one small problem: the evidence.

Encroaching Ice Ages were supposedly a gradual changing of the climate over centuries.

Then why are there mammoths trapped in the ice of the Siberian tundra with the marvelous tropical flora they had been chewing still stuck in its mouth? Why is the forest they had been standing in nothing more than a forest of trunks ripped off at a height of three feet? Where is the pleasant, gradual change we should have anticipated?

Science told us years ago that the age of the dinosaurs ended in such a gradual manner as well. Climate change gradually killed them off. When it was discovered an impact with a massive object probably caused it, the establishment fought the change desperately.

After several years they finally bowed to that evidence but only, I believe, because it could be relegated to a time some 65 million years ago.

Okay, they said, but since then there has only been a slow and gradual change.

In the face of evidence to the contrary they continue their same sad refrain. Why? Quite simple, really. The processes that built the universe they model in their mathematical construct are events measured out, gradually changing the universe, the world. Their construct demands these laws have to be followed and the laws show processes that are regulated, logical, structured.

If the world is really run by such mayhem, catastrophic forces that cannot be mathematically calculated and predicted, what is the point of their wonderfully vaunted science?

Actually, if they would just construct a model that reflects reality, maybe their model would reflect the real world.