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How Exacting Can You Get?

October 16, 2012

Several people have asked me to get a little more exact in the prediction for “the end of the world”.

Of course, that would mean that I actually thought the world was coming to an ending event at some point in December 2012.

First off, I don’t think any such thing is going to happen. As I said in my book, 12-20-2012; Our Last Golden Sunset?(available in digital and print formats at Amazon), there won’t be any such ending (or at least not one prophesied by the Maya) or any sort of “beginning” to an end.

As I said in the book, that’s not what the Maya were talking about.

Far from it.

But, in the interest of academic thought, I have done some calculation and have come up with a more exacting timeframe for the predicted event, or non-event.

The Maya Calendar will end at 7:38 AM (EST) on December 21st, 2012, give or take a decade or two. And that’s about as exact as I can get it.

So, if nothing happens at that time, you will not have wasted the whole day, huh?

And if something does happen on that Friday morning, you can just get your weekend started a little sooner, huh?

So What Happens When…?

June 10, 2012

A friend was telling me that the 2012 market will dry up around Christmas this year, you know, when nothing happens on the 21st.

So, with most of the people writing about the marvelous (or terrible) things due for the planet on December 21, 2012, that may be true. Either they were right or they were wrong and they can pack up their stuff and go elsewhere.

Where? Probably to the next big doomsday coming down the pike. The crowd expecting the meteor impact scenario has already made the adjustments. Many of them have moved beyond 2012 and simply anticipate it happening “someday”… and “soon”.

For most people, the Mayan Calendar End-Date will become old news, something to scoff at like they did to the doom forecast for “Y2K” several years ago.

Mayan scholars will be thankful the date has passed and they can get back to the serious study of their interest without being tugged aside by such useless questions.

But my interpretation of the Mayan End-Date still leaves the question open. What they saw that caused them to create the calendar in the first place still remains.

What if their interlocking cycles were somehow off by a small fraction? Does that mean the doomsday might still befall us? No, there was never any doomsday predicted to begin with.

The celestial phenomenon they calculated may still come to pass at some later date. And it is not a doomsday.

And when it happens, they can dust off their calculating tools and begin structuring the calendar for the New Sun.

With, of course, another newer End-Date to be established for some several thousand years in the future.

The End-Date is really nothing more than a new start date, even if the actual date was missed by the ancients.

Endings, and New Beginnings

February 15, 2012

The End-Date of the Mayan Calendar has led to a lot of speculation. Many see it as a time of destruction and chaos, maybe even Doomsday.

Many see it as a time of spiritual awakening, leading to a Golden Age for Mankind.

But, I wonder, are the two mutually exclusive?

Certainly the four previous Suns of the Maya have ended with a bit of a problem for the humans living at the time.

One ended by fire, one ended by whirlwinds, one ended by floods, and one ended by a bunch of wild beasts. And this current Sun is supposed to end with earthquakes.

None of these scenarios sound like a Saturday afternoon picnic. Any one will cause a panic for sure even if the result was a sort of spiritual awakening by the handful of survivors.

Perhaps only a handful could really have a spiritual awakening anyway. More, and there might be the same old mess we have currently.

It is interesting that the periods at the end of each Sun also call for a period of darkness. Most people assume this merely means a darkness on the spirit of man.

What if the darkness were actually a little bit more? What if the Sun were actually being renewed?

The Book of Revelations tells us in the ends days that the Sun will turn the color of sackcloth, and there will be darkness across the lands.

The last page of Dresden Codex has a warning about the end of this Sun: flooding and “black earth” & “black on high”.

Earthquakes will probably cause flooding and probably some fires, but the interesting part is the “black on high”.

Sure, that could be a description of dark clouds overhead but, if so, I think they would have mentioned clouds.

It sounds more like the sky.

And once the Sun does not shine as brightly, we would see dark skies and the stars in the “daytime”.

Every ending, however, leads to new beginnings.

And maybe it will be a spiritual awakening after all.

The End of the World… Again

December 31, 2011

Harold Camping, a radio evangelist, made a bit of news recently by predicting the world was going to end… on May 21st, 2011.

As this entry is being entered after that date, we can assume it did not come to pass.

Actually, he was predicting the “rapture” would occur on that date and the world of those left behind would go through a series of tribulation until Oct. 2011 when the real final day would come.

So, May 21st was only important for those being raptured.

It was the Oct. 21st date that was going to be the Big One. So, everyone could get ready (once again) for the end of the world!!

Far be it from me to point out that this learned preacher also predicted the end of the world for September 1994. He was off by quite a bit, there.

What really is most intriguing about this new date he has set, Oct. 21, 2011, is exactly one week before the date Carl Calleman has set for the true End Date of the Mayan Calendar: Oct. 28, 2011.

So, it looked like John Major Jenkins and the remainder of the 2012 gurus were going to be upstaged by the radio evangelist and Calleman?


I did not hold my breath for either date.

And not even for Dec. 21st, 2012.

The Mayans were never talking about the end of the world even though we seem to be obsessed with wanting it to end.

And from the rate we are progressing, I don’t see much of that “gradual enlightenment” John Major Jenkins is always talking about, either.

If we studied a little harder, we might actually begin to make some sense of this subject.

Or shall we continue wallowing in non-sense?

All the Fuss from One Reference… and Now, a Second

December 22, 2011

Apparently, one article tells us that all the 2012 hoopla is derived from a single inscription off one stone tablet from the Tortuguero site in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco.

Wow! One inscription alone about the End-Date has created all this ruckus.

But now, they say there is a second one as well!

On the face of a brick at the nearby Comalcalco ruin is a second notice about the end date. Some scholars – like David Stuart of the University of Texas at Austin – think it is just mentioning the date of the end of any of the baktuns. He says the third glyph on the brick is to be read as the verb “huli” – and you’ll have to excuse me as my Maya is a little rusty – but this is supposed to translate as “he/she/it arrives” but without the “future tense” marker… thereby meaning it could be talking about the past, though they do not mention where a “past tense” marker was present.

Still, it is interesting that the original Tortuguero inscription mentions that the ending of the calendar involves the arrival of Bolon Yokte, a Mayan god associated with both war and creation.

War and creation… hmm, I don’t get much about a meteor hitting Earth, a black hole swallowing us up, or even a marvelous golden age arriving.

However, time and wear on the stone make the rest of the message practically unreadable, though some interpret to garbled bit as saying, “He will descend from the sky.”

Oh, I see: aliens!!
Maybe the Sitchin hypothesis was correct after all.

Of course, a meteor/comet would descend from the sky as well.

I guess we will just have to stay tuned and see what happens, huh?

As if we had a choice.

You can read more at the original article:
Mexico acknowledges 2nd Mayan reference to 2012
By MARK STEVENSON | AP – Thu, Nov 24, 2011

the Mayan End Date

January 2, 2010

As I have said before, the Mayan Calendar End-Date was for a specific phenomenon, why else would the Maya point out a specific date rather than an era. And as the Mayans had studied cycles for many years, it must be something that is cyclic in nature, something that had happened before, something they felt was going to happen again according to a chronology they could calculate.

What cycles did they use to make this determination? From their mythologies – primarily cosmological in nature (like most ancient cultures) – they were most interested in the motions of the planets. They saw something in the motions that they could use to predict… well, whatever it was they feared would recur.

Could it have been an age of enlightenment coming as José Argüelles, John Major Jenkins, and Carl Johan Calleman, among many others, predict? Of course, it is possible, but how did we get lost from the last age of enlightenment?

That is not explained by any of these authors, but they do not seem to think it had happened before. From the Mayan writings, this was apparently something that had happened before and was planned on repeating. Were we going to get enlightened and lose it again, apparently as we were supposed to have done before? Perhaps enlightenment was not the event they were foretelling.

Could the Maya have been thinking of some sort of doomsday scenario, like an impact from a comet, meteor, or black hole? Certainly, it would be a very singular event that could signal the end of the calendric period. But, again, as the Maya seem to have built their calendar on studies of cycles, what possible cyclic recurring doomsday can they have foreseen? Are errant comets/meteors/black holes that predictable?

Or could the planet Nibiru going to be the culprit? Zechariah Sitchin, proponent and creator of this theory, stated that the mystery planet returned very cyclically every 3,600 years. But he reiterates that 2012 is most definitely not the return date.

Nibiru would already be visible to our telescopes if it was arriving ahead of Sitchin’s timetable but nowhere do we find any evidence of its approach. I have seen websites that claim it will become visible to the naked eye by May of 2010. Videos on Youtube claim it is already visible.

Confusing, huh? But none of that has anything to do with the mystery planet. Just ask Zechariah Sitchin.

And that leaves us with nothing to do but scratch our heads. What scenario would fit what the Maya have predicted with their marvelous calendar, if anything?

Let’s see… they claimed each age ended with something involving the Sun, each new age was called a new Sun, and as the Sun is the energy source dominating the Solar System, perhaps they noticed the cycles of the planets were somehow resonating with something about the Sun. (Just an hypothesis here.)

And the Sun? They claimed each new age was a new Sun, which means 2012 has something to do with the Sun. So my theory is that something will happen to the Sun in 2012. Of course, nothing may happen to the Sun but I think it is what the Mayans thought.

It is known that 2012 will bring a very active period to the Sun, specifically in regard to sunspots. So, what if the sunspots went completely overboard? What if they covered a large portion of the Solar disk so that the Sun appeared extremely dimmed?

When the sunspots eventually disappeared in the past it must have seemed that the Sun had been born again, hence a new Sun Age.

If anyone else has another theory that makes more sense, I would love to hear it.

I could be wrong. And the Mayans might be wrong as well.

Atlantis II

December 29, 2009

Atlantis was a continent in the midst of the Atlantic – beyond the pillars of Hercules, according to Plato, and extending to the island of Bimini, according to Edgar Cayce – which was destroyed in a cataclysm in the ancient past. Plato claims it disappeared 9,000 years before his writing (he died 328BC) and Cayce claimed it vanished around 8500-9000BC.

The timing of its destruction is of interest to me in relation to the Mayan Calendar studies. If the Sun had gone out in 3114BC as the Maya claimed and the previous age lasted 5,026 years as the Aztecs recorded, the Sun would have gone out twice since the destruction of Atlantis.

I had at first wondered if the destruction of Atlantis was related to the Solar Cycle but the numbers are not exact. From the Aztec records the age preceding our current one lasted 5,026 years. 3114 + 5026 puts the previous Sun ending at 8140 BC.

So, either Cayce and Plato were wrong or Atlantis’ destruction has nothing to do with the other event. But the numbers are all “fairly” close that I wonder if the events were not somehow linked. Perhaps we’ll never know.

According to Otto Muck, Atlantis’ destruction was caused by the agent many assign with the 2012 End-Date: a meteor. His theory has a large meteor enter the atmosphere and descend over the east coast of the United States to plunge into the Caribbean basin near a fault line. The shifting along the fault line then caused Atlantis to sink. His book the Secret of Atlantis is a fascinating read but it has nothing to do with the Maya dilemma.

And if the destruction of Atlantis was connected to the Solar event preceding the start of the present Sun, why is there no monumental events noted for the ending of the previous Sun. I cannot find any record of mass destruction surrounding the 3114BC event. One would expect that if the memory of Atlantis’ demise was so well remembered, something similar would have been recalled for 3114BC but I have not found it.

So, though it would be nice to connect the two events, I don’t think it bears scrutiny. And it still leaves us to wonder what exactly will occur if the Sun does go out.

At least I am fairly certain it does not mean any continents will sink.

But the Maya did say this was the “Earthquake Sun”. We have had earthquakes throughout recorded history including some with disastrous consequences. It is generally assumed that the Maya End-Date will bring an “end to the world as we know it”, so what will the extent of the earthquakes going to be?

Tsunamis will probably wreak havoc on the coastal cities. As well as those nearby. Edgar Cayce had said Virginia Beach would be safe (so his foundation is located there) but, as it in on the coast, I wonder if it will be unscathed.

Large cities would definitely take a beating but it might not have any effect on the rural areas having very few buildings rising higher than a single level. There might be mountains forming where none had existed before (unlike the slow and steady mountain building geologic ages they theorize happened in the past) but we won’t know until – and if – December of 2012.

But I don’t imagine we’ll see any continents sink. At least, I hope it’s not the one I am on.

What the Maya Really Meant

December 21, 2009

Anyone who has followed this blog for a while will be wondering “if it is NOT all these other theories, then what the heck IS it?” Well, perhaps it is time…

Today is the 21st of December, 2009. According to the Maya there are only three years left until THE Big Day.

Trying to explain what the Maya meant for this day seems almost anti-climactic to me. After all, its not as if they tried hiding their meaning. No, they put it right out there in the open for everyone to see it clearly.

Repeatedly, they spoke of the previous Sun Ages, each ending with a cataclysm INVOLVING the Sun. When you mention catastrophe, people immediately think earthquakes, tidal waves, meteor impacts, or the planet tilting. The Maya mention the earthquakes as part of what will happen but there is not any extra-Solar boogeymen to watch out for. It is a cataclysm involving the Sun.

They did not speak of the “Ages of the World” or “world ages” of any sort – like most writers on the subject mis translate the terminology. It is Sun Ages being referred to and each successive Sun has different qualities, different powers, and a different name. But we scratch our heads and say “how can there be more than one Sun?”

Probably the reason no one has noticed what the Maya said concerning the End-Date is that it conflicts with a mythology we hold in high esteem. Mythology? you ask. We don’t believe in any stinking mythology!

Well, yes, we do. The mythology is called “science”. Not the science that measures the quantities of this that and the other, not the science that put us on the moon, not the science that gives us ever bigger and better weaponry. No, I’m talking about the science that views a small segment on the universal time-scale and says it has always been this way; as one cleverly put it, for “billions and billions” of years. It is a pleasant theory that has become the bedrock of the scientific world. Yet it is nothing more than a theory of uniformity – in other words: myth.

And that is the myth that clouds our understanding of the Mayan End-Date.

And the cataclysm the Maya spoke of concerning the Sun is nothing more than the Sun going out. (And this is probably why no one has yet evolved this theory: it is impossible!)

But, you ask, how can the Sun go out?!?! (But that is an exercise we can go through later.)

Suffice it to say that there is no great mystery concerning the End-Date. The Maya have told us again and again. Repeatedly they called them “Sun Ages” and we translated it into “World Ages”. They mentioned the Sun’s fire dying out and we took it to be a mythology about a drought or something too mundane to bother with.

We have simply chosen to NOT believe them.

It has led to an immense amount of speculation on subjects that did not need to be brought to this table. The time is short and there is still more understanding needed.

I am sure you are wondering how the Sun could possibly go out.

2012 – Nostradamus’ (& others) Doomsday… NOT

December 20, 2009

There are a lot of people who say that the great seer Nostradamus also predicted the Doomsday for 2012. Knowing that the famous French prophet predicted practically everything else, they point out the quatrains and verses which foretell the coming troubles.

What is unfortunate is that the wonderful prophet did no such thing.

Sure, he predicted a lot of death and destruction – as any prophet worth his salt would do, to keep the reader entranced – but nowhere does he mention it falling on the date in question. This is not too unusual as Nostradamus was always very vague about the dating of his predictions. In that regard he was much like the author of Revelations; it was a sequence of undated events that could only be known when the sequence was fully underway. But he did one better: he scrambled the sequence of the quatrains so anyone’s guess is viable.

So, yes, he predicted all sorts of doomsday stuff going on and, no, it has nothing to do with the Mayan Calendar’s End-Date (at least as far as anyone can tell for certain).

The other prognosticators of the past – Merlin, Sibyl, Delphi, Mother Shipton, and others – all refer to events of a doomsday nature coming to us in the future but they, also, do not have an exact date. So their Doomsday could fall anywhere in the future. A lot of the events surrounding their Doomsday scenarios sound like a lot of the “end time” phenomena: increase of natural disasters, a lot of war and civil unrest, etc. But how many natural disasters qualifies? We seem to be getting more and more all the time. The number could keep increasing for decades before the final time arrives, so without some more definite quantifier it’s anyone’s guess. But not a signpost to 2012.

The author of Revelations does not mention a date either, although there is a certain sequence of events to unfold before the end. There are no dates given but many have interpreted parts of the sequence already occurring. So there may be something there, but on December 21st? Who the heck knows?

In The Late Great Planet Earth by Lindsey and Carlson, it is pointed out that the sequence in Revelations cannot begin to unfold until the Temple of Solomon is rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Many interpret the passage to mean only that the State of Israel had to be recreated. Lindsey was quite adamant that the passage stipulates that the Temple must be rebuilt, not the State of Israel. So until the Dome of the Rock is removed, the series in Revelation will not unfold.

Of course, that is just his opinion. Many think Israel becoming a nation was good enough to move the prophecy along and we are heading straight for the tribulation. And rapture – don’t forget about the rapture…

Still, the Maya do not mention a lot of things building-up to their End-Date. That’s not to say it won’t happen in that manner, but the Maya didn’t go there. And that’s really what all this is about.

And if there is no way to tell when the end is coming in those other prophecies, those needing a date simply hook onto the Mayan coat-tail, heading for 2012.

If the Maya did not mean all this dire stuff, what DID they mean? The answer will surprise you.

Grasping at Straws

December 11, 2009

John Major Jenkins, the premier writer on the 2012 phenomenon, claims that it has to do with an alignment of the Earth with the Sun and the center of the galaxy. He thinks this alignment will usher in the spiritual enlightenment of the planet. Exactly how aligning with a theoretical black hole will cause this to happen is open to interpretation.

Anyway, he says this alignment will be “exact” on the winter solstice in 2012, that is on December 21st, 2012, and therefore coinciding with the Mayan End-Date. What amazing luck, no? But, no, he furthermore says that the Maya set up their Long Count to point to this one date. In other words, around 1000 BC they constructed a calendar to show us the End-Date but it was organized in such a way that it could not start from the date they created it; its start was pushed back in time to some arbitrary date in the past. Why it had to be started at some random date in the past he is a little unclear.

Later, he pointed out that the length of the “sun” was one-fifth the length of the precessional cycle and so the group of “five suns” mentioned by the Maya was nothing more than emphasizing the last time this alignment occurred, 25,900 years ago! So, in actuality, they were pointing out the 21st of December in 2012 by anchoring the start of their calendar to a point nearly 24,000 before their time!

[If they had actually started their calendar to point out the return of this particular alignment after its previous occurrence so long before, what had happened when it occurred last time? Did we enter a “spiritual enlightenment” then – and why didn’t it last?

Jenkins’ claiming that the Mayans were so exacting in their practices should have checked the math first. The five sun cycles would bring us to a total of 25,625 years, short by some 275 years of what his theory requires.

While it is an amazing feat for the Maya of 1000 BC to come so close, what if it means their calendar’s End-Date is off by those 275 years? Is the End-Date really December 21st, 2287? Or perhaps even further off? If they were off at all, why not by a thousand years? Who knows?

So, while Jenkins’ idea is somewhat compelling, I do not think it holds up to scrutiny.

Beyond this one interpretation, did the Maya speak elsewhere their mythology about precession? No, not that anyone has discovered yet. So, perhaps this instance has nothing to do with precession either.

And what was the importance of the number five in their cosmology that they should divide the precessional cycle into five suns? No importance has been discovered on this mystery either.

And to top everything off, the exact alignment Jenkins proclaims for 2012 – the alignment with the theoretical black hole in the galactic center – actually occurred in 1998, according to astronomers.

So, Jenkins is either saying the Maya botched their calculations greatly – and on many levels – or his theory is full of holes.

Personally, I do not think it was the Mayans who erred.