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Endings, and New Beginnings

February 15, 2012

The End-Date of the Mayan Calendar has led to a lot of speculation. Many see it as a time of destruction and chaos, maybe even Doomsday.

Many see it as a time of spiritual awakening, leading to a Golden Age for Mankind.

But, I wonder, are the two mutually exclusive?

Certainly the four previous Suns of the Maya have ended with a bit of a problem for the humans living at the time.

One ended by fire, one ended by whirlwinds, one ended by floods, and one ended by a bunch of wild beasts. And this current Sun is supposed to end with earthquakes.

None of these scenarios sound like a Saturday afternoon picnic. Any one will cause a panic for sure even if the result was a sort of spiritual awakening by the handful of survivors.

Perhaps only a handful could really have a spiritual awakening anyway. More, and there might be the same old mess we have currently.

It is interesting that the periods at the end of each Sun also call for a period of darkness. Most people assume this merely means a darkness on the spirit of man.

What if the darkness were actually a little bit more? What if the Sun were actually being renewed?

The Book of Revelations tells us in the ends days that the Sun will turn the color of sackcloth, and there will be darkness across the lands.

The last page of Dresden Codex has a warning about the end of this Sun: flooding and “black earth” & “black on high”.

Earthquakes will probably cause flooding and probably some fires, but the interesting part is the “black on high”.

Sure, that could be a description of dark clouds overhead but, if so, I think they would have mentioned clouds.

It sounds more like the sky.

And once the Sun does not shine as brightly, we would see dark skies and the stars in the “daytime”.

Every ending, however, leads to new beginnings.

And maybe it will be a spiritual awakening after all.

the World Without the Sun

March 30, 2010

Most people simply cannot imagine that the world would be able to survive without the Sun shining brightly down upon us. They think, if the Maya were right about the Sun going out, it really will be the end of the world!

I suppose if the Sun were actually gone that would be the end of planet Earth. But, fortunately, that is not what the Maya foresaw – having been through it once before. The Sun will only dim, appreciably to be sure, but not go out completely.

It will much resemble what the author of Revelations saw as sackcloth of hair (Rev.6:12) which means the Sun will still be shining but diminished, resembling the pelt of the Jaguar so revered by the Maya of old.

The planet will not freeze over, the plants will still be able to utilize photosynthesis, and we will probably get along with flashlights for awhile.

But what accompanies this transformation may not be so easy to live with. This Sun is called Earthquake Sun and the world is supposed to be wracked with a lot of jolting movement.

There may be some sort of “golden enlightenment” or spiritual awakening because of this but it is most definitely not the reason for the end of their calendar.

I am sure there will be changes, but very far from an end of the world.

Jaguar Maws

December 27, 2009

In the Mayan tales, the Jaguar is highlighted as a peculiarly benevolent creature. Not only do the Hero Twins of their mythology wear the skin from the beast but their Sun of the Underworld is called the Jaguar Sun (see yesterday’s article on the Midnight Sun).

They are known to have sought refuge in caves (something also mentioned in Revelations in the Bible – [6:15] And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains) and their water supply came from revered water caves called “cenotes”.

But the caves in which they sought refuge were also termed “mouth of the jaguar”. Picturing sticking your head in a jaguar’s mouth seems like a very UN-safe practice. Why would the jaguar seem such a protective creature to the Maya?

Knowing that the midnight sun was determined to be a jaguar, why did the Maya equate the dimmed Sun with safety?

Other than the visual comparison of the spotted Sun with the pelt of the spotted feline, there must have been some other connection that denoted safety.

As we know, the end of each Sun Age was accompanied by some sort of devastation, whether flood, wind, or earthquake, and it would be natural to seek some place of safety – like a cave, I suppose – and it might appear natural to think of it terms similar to the jaguar-resemblance of the Sun but I still have not found the connection.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

2012 – Nostradamus’ (& others) Doomsday… NOT

December 20, 2009

There are a lot of people who say that the great seer Nostradamus also predicted the Doomsday for 2012. Knowing that the famous French prophet predicted practically everything else, they point out the quatrains and verses which foretell the coming troubles.

What is unfortunate is that the wonderful prophet did no such thing.

Sure, he predicted a lot of death and destruction – as any prophet worth his salt would do, to keep the reader entranced – but nowhere does he mention it falling on the date in question. This is not too unusual as Nostradamus was always very vague about the dating of his predictions. In that regard he was much like the author of Revelations; it was a sequence of undated events that could only be known when the sequence was fully underway. But he did one better: he scrambled the sequence of the quatrains so anyone’s guess is viable.

So, yes, he predicted all sorts of doomsday stuff going on and, no, it has nothing to do with the Mayan Calendar’s End-Date (at least as far as anyone can tell for certain).

The other prognosticators of the past – Merlin, Sibyl, Delphi, Mother Shipton, and others – all refer to events of a doomsday nature coming to us in the future but they, also, do not have an exact date. So their Doomsday could fall anywhere in the future. A lot of the events surrounding their Doomsday scenarios sound like a lot of the “end time” phenomena: increase of natural disasters, a lot of war and civil unrest, etc. But how many natural disasters qualifies? We seem to be getting more and more all the time. The number could keep increasing for decades before the final time arrives, so without some more definite quantifier it’s anyone’s guess. But not a signpost to 2012.

The author of Revelations does not mention a date either, although there is a certain sequence of events to unfold before the end. There are no dates given but many have interpreted parts of the sequence already occurring. So there may be something there, but on December 21st? Who the heck knows?

In The Late Great Planet Earth by Lindsey and Carlson, it is pointed out that the sequence in Revelations cannot begin to unfold until the Temple of Solomon is rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Many interpret the passage to mean only that the State of Israel had to be recreated. Lindsey was quite adamant that the passage stipulates that the Temple must be rebuilt, not the State of Israel. So until the Dome of the Rock is removed, the series in Revelation will not unfold.

Of course, that is just his opinion. Many think Israel becoming a nation was good enough to move the prophecy along and we are heading straight for the tribulation. And rapture – don’t forget about the rapture…

Still, the Maya do not mention a lot of things building-up to their End-Date. That’s not to say it won’t happen in that manner, but the Maya didn’t go there. And that’s really what all this is about.

And if there is no way to tell when the end is coming in those other prophecies, those needing a date simply hook onto the Mayan coat-tail, heading for 2012.

If the Maya did not mean all this dire stuff, what DID they mean? The answer will surprise you.

a Deathwish, Perhaps?

July 12, 2009

With all this talk of the Mayan Calendar ending being the “end of the world”, one wonders about all the many times such has been said in the past.

It seems that every few years someone comes up with the next “new” end-of-the-world scenario. Far from being one kook walking around with a placard that proclaims “The End is Near”, there have been many such prophets in the past.

Of course, there are several mentions in the Bible, in the Old Testament as well as the Book of Revelations. And since Christianity already has mentions of a “millennium” and a return of the Savior, predictions abound.

It seems the Christians of the First Century actually thought the Second Coming was imminent, to occur in their own lifetimes. And when that did not happen, others have come up with other dates through the centuries. The year 1000AD seemed to be a perfect date for the end of the millennium, and the year 2000 as well.

But neither brought us anything so dire as the predictions. Even the Y2K bug was no more than a sniffle in retrospect.

But still we await an end… THE end. And, I daresay, it seems we actually seem to long for it.

Why should we hope for such a thing to happen? Are we, as some very devout would say, sinners all and need the cleansing? Or are we, like Velikovsky mused in Mankind in Amnesia, secretly attempting to expunge prior catastrophes from our psyche by creating another, whether cosmic or of human origin?

Whatever the impetus, our race does seem to be rather gleefully awaiting the end whether by rapture or rupture.

And it is only after such an event that we can relax and say, “There! It’s finally come.”

Then we can start living again, if there’s anything left.

This is probably the why behind the fascination over 2012. And if nothing happens, I feel certain someone will pull another date – somewhere further along – out of their hat and give us something new to look forward to.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to start living a better, more meaningful life now than waiting until after the world is destroyed? It seems like a form of procrastination.

Some Revelations

July 11, 2009

Many historians are now of the opinion that the “predictions” of the Book of Revelations is nothing more than postdiction, meaning written after the events it describes.

Therefore, the “beast” is taken to be Nero – his name in Greek is Neron Caesar, supposedly what the Jews would have called him, which numerologically works out to 666 – and the other portents are supposed to be events falling somewhere in the later first century.

For many, this explanation seems to answer all the questions and they regard the predictive element as non-existent.

Unfortunately, there is one specific part that does not fit their interpretation: And the Sun shall become as sackcloth (Rev.6:12). This one line seems to indicate that the Sun will darken, to the shade of burlap, I suppose, but will definitely change its appearance. I have tried but cannot find any instance in the first century when this occurred.

As this line falls into step with my interpretation of the Mayan prophecy, I would assume it means that the remainder of Revelation has not occurred either.

Just a thought. But, as with all things 2012, only time will tell.