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2012 – the Tilting Axis… NOT

December 17, 2009

This is the one theory “backed by science”, its proponents claim. And, while it is true that there are some scientists who subscribe to the theory, most shy away from the subject altogether because of its New Age overtones.

Ever since Hapgood developed the theory in the ’50’s, it has become generally agreed that the magnetic pole of the Earth has changed in the past and probably will again. Scientists agree with this and place its next occurrence at some remove in the future… like thousands of years from now, even though some proponents claim it is overdue. (Don’t you just love how scientists always say marvelous things have occurred millions of years ago or will occur some thousand years from now. They don’t expect anything but the same ol’ same ol’ for quite some time.)

But it could occur sooner. Maybe even in 2012. It is not like the Maya hinted at the axis flipping or reversing, it just seems to be the first available doomsday to arrive without a suitably designated destruction mechanism. So while everyone sought for a solution, these prophets stepped up.

Anything is possible, I believe, and it might even happen. But I am sure it is not what the Maya were talking about. With the special regard they paid to the night skies, surely they would have said something about the Pole Star being usurped by another. Yet… they did not.

I would think that if something of a worldwide nature does occur, the shift of the poles might be a consequence of some “natural” phenomenon. Probably not anything like the premise of the movie “2012” but through other means. (In case you have not seen the movie, the shifting of the poles was caused by a massive solar eruption. As 2012 is a peak period for Solar activity, it seemed a valid interpretation.) Which other means? I cannot think of anything at the present but it should have been something of a cyclic nature that their calendar would have revealed.

Many think that the changing of the Solar Poles in 2012 will cause the Earth’s magnetic poles to reverse as well. But as the Sun’s magnetic fields have reversed every eleven years in the past with nothing of the sort happening to our planet, I think we can dismiss that concept.

As with so many of these doomsday scenarios: How could the Maya have predicted such a random event from their distant past? Were they psychic? Prophetic? Possibly, but then what would the purpose of the intricate calendar have been?

Certainly some psychic in the Maya culture could have seen such an event in the future and been able to calculate the exact day of its occurrence, but why go to the trouble of tracking the eclipse cycles, the Venus cycles, and the rest of the calendar mechanics? Why not just have a simple countdown of days?

So, it would appear this scenario is not the correct one either.

I think we’ll have to continue looking…

a Note on Some Doomsday Predictions

December 6, 2009

I recently saw a show on the History Channel called “Doomsday 2012”. In it they spoke of a lot of different prophets over the years making a case for the approach of doomsday, and not just the Maya. However, like Nostradamus, none of them came up with the date. Most were just the usual “doom and gloom” predictions for the end of the world. (Which, in fact, the Maya do not do.)

R. J. Shelton mentioned one of the Merlin prophecies about the planets leaving their courses. He concluded that only the pole shift hypothesis would fit the prophecy.

However, what he fails to realize is that the pole shift would not cause any planets to leave their orbits, only to create a change in our viewpoint of those orbits. The difference may seem subtle to some but the degree of divergence would be minimal. Not hardly the “planets leaving their courses” that Merlin predicted.

The Hopi Indians were mentioned as well. One of their predictions preceding the doomsday was that the Sun would get hotter. Many of the scholars assumed this meant our present “global warming”.

Again, many moderns take this with a modern interpretation. As if the prophecy was all about us.

Global warming has nothing to do with the Sun getting warmer. As mentioned in a previous entry, these ancient astronomers had a pretty good idea of the structure of the solar system and the planetary movements. They could discern something happening at one spot in the system as opposed to our own geocentric interpretation of everything.

The Sun getting warmer would be just that, not the Earth getting warmer. The latter may be caused by the former but the Earth warming is not going to make the Sun get warmer. And the couple of degrees of global warming would not give the impression of the Sun getting appreciably warmer.

However, a nova event might.

2012 – the Movie

November 15, 2009

I ventured out this weekend to see the Hollywood blockbuster, 2012. It was much what I had anticipated since it was made by Roland Emmerich.

More entertaining than The Day After Tomorrow but not as good as Independence Day, it was primarily about the special effects.

And any data about the Mayan Calendar coming to an end was as minimal as possible so the connection was tenuous at best. It was what he set out to make: another apocalyptic film.

The most prevalent theory about the Mayan Calendar ending is the “golden era” hypothesis. But that would not translate too easily to the big screen especially for Mr. Emmerich.

The theory he chose was the pole shifting one: plenty of death and destruction on hand in that scenario.

But the connection with the Mayan Calendar End-Date, mentioned a few times early on but getting lost as the story progressed, was never made completely clear. At the very least, he should have had someone mention it was December 21st when all hell broke loose.

The one bow he made to the general theory was saying the planets would line up on that date with the center of the galaxy (John Major Jenkin’s contribution to the field). Unfortunately, the accompanying graphic showed far too many planets in the alignment. There is, after all, only one aligning with the Sun in that configuration: the Earth.

I had hoped for more of a Maya connection from the film but, like I said, I really did not expect much. Still, it was entertaining.

And very intriguing that Emmerich chose the Sun to figure so prominently in the debacle. Most current theorists barely mention it.

a Little Sun Shine, Please

August 1, 2009

I have been madly searching through books and website for data that I came across a couple of years ago – to no avail.

One article I recall talked about a massive sunspot that covered more than half the solar disk… this was either in the thirteenth or sixteenth century, I recall. However, I have been unable to dredge up the reference or the information from anywhere.

Another article I found fascinating (and I thought it was in a book I owned but I cannot find it) concerned a wave form within the solar mass… a volume of alternately charged gases that reversed direction every so often but since the last reversal it appeared the wave was advancing faster than it had done preceding the last reversal. One scientist said it appeared it was going to fold in on itself about the time of the next reversal and he had no clue what it would mean to the usual reversal mechanism.

As I said, both ideas are fascinating and relevant to the Maya End-Date but I cannot locate either, now.

Perhaps I only dreamed them. (Damned weird dreams in that case!)

If someone has any ideas, I would like to hear from you.