Snowpocalypse 2010

The recent record-breaking snowstorm in the Northeastern United States had a lot of people nicknaming it. Some liked Snownami, some called it Snowmageddon, and a few pundits preferred Snowpocalypse 2010, and likened it to the predicted Mayan Calendar End-Date.

Some of them were actually saying that this had been what the Mayans were talking about when they made their calendar.

As if the earth-shattering events pictured by the Maya two thousand years ago could actually have been an above-the-average snowstorm! How crazy is that? Now the ancient Mayan prophets have been turned into weathermen!

(Although, if they had made that prediction as recently as a year ago they would have far out-shone meteorologists.)

But, no, it was not this snow storm that had the Mayans burning the midnight oil all those centuries ago. Certainly, in their tropical clime, the amount of snow we had would have been a frightening thing, but nothing like what would end a Sun Age.

I went to school in the Washington Metropolitan area years ago and remember the major snowstorms back-to-back in February of 1968 which kept us out of school for a week. I have often told people that the heavier snows come every seventh winter and had even warned my wife that this would be a big year for snow.

No, I am not claiming to be a prophet, just a statistician. I am just pointing out that it was an easy thing to predict and the Maya had much bigger fish to fry, so to speak.

And we’ll still have to wait a couple of years to find out what they were talking about for certain.

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One Response to “Snowpocalypse 2010”

  1. carltonwelsh Says:

    This whole snowpocalypse thing is not of Mayan origin. it is simply Global Warming… but with a vengeance!

    Al Gore’s vision of a dehydrating planet is a far cry from what we are experiencing. After this winter, I sure could use some of that warming he’s been promising.

    And I don’t think anyone has yet said the Mayan end of the world was coming by way of a blizzard!

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