New Mayan Discoveries

In June, 2008, George Bey and his team discovered Maya cities in the Puuc region dating back to more than 800 B.C. “It is both the number of sites we are finding as well as that some of them produced large-scale monumental architecture — pyramids and an acropolis — while others have ball courts.” At the site of Kiuic, Bey’s team found a large platform that held at least two large ceremonial structures. These cities are dated back more than a millennium earlier than anyone had thought Maya cities existed in the region. And this pushes the history of the Maya further back in time than previously thought.

Meanwhile, William Saturno, the noted archaeologist who discovered the first century Mayan mural, was utilizing satellite imagery to help define a site he was investigating and found several more unknown sites.

Now several teams are using satellite images to help uncover more Mayan cities in Guatemala and southern Mexico.

Not only does it seem like the Maya had a wider base than previously thought, they are also substantially older than assumed before now.

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9 Responses to “New Mayan Discoveries”

  1. 2012 PART I “What You Haven’t Been Told” | Spiritual Center Says:

    […] New Mayan Discoveries « 2012 Talk […]

    • rsmarshal Says:

      A very intriguing video you have there. The history of the Catholic Church’s interactions with the Maya may be news to a lot of people out there, but that was their usual procedure with indigenous populations around the world.

      Their emphasis has never been even vaguely tolerant of other opinions. In their past they even murdered millions of fellow Christians for what they considered errors in thinking. Many of the early church fathers – some staunch defenders against heresy in their own time – were later declared heretics for their stand. Yes, doctrine became heresy as time progressed.

      But you mention some calendars I had not encountered before: those of 250, 350, and 400 katun. Where is more information available on this? Carlos Barrios made no mention of these calendars in his recent volume, the Book of Destiny.

      Also, the claim that Pacal Votan was not the resident of the tomb at Palenque, and that in fact there was no tomb. I would like to know about this as well.

      Please, enlighten me.

  2. Lupe Aguilar Says:

    Has anyone considered that in 2012, aliens might finally make their arrival to earth 4 everyone 2 see.

    • rsmarshal Says:

      Actually, several people have mentioned that and it can be found on several of the 2012 websites. Of course, aliens could arrive on Earth tomorrow or next week as well. The Mayans made no mention about them so I don’t see that they are specifically attached to the 2012 End-Date.

      But then a few people who adhere to the Golden Age hypothesis include the arrival of aliens as the agent for the change to our civilization.

      So, though the Mayans do not mention it, anything is possible. But it is just as likely to happen tomorrow as in 2012. It is not a subject that has any bearing on the 2012 question. The Mayans did not construct their calendar as some form of guessing game. They told us what the End-Date meant — and it was not about the end of the world through any agent of change, including the arrival of aliens.

  3. Mario Says:

    I watched part one of the video, and know that much of what it says is – not true. Pakal and his tomb were found, amoung other things. I left a comment on the video web page.

    • rsmarshal Says:

      I would be interested to learn what else you thought was untrue.

      The claim for the lack of a Tomb at Palenque was rather obvious and I had already asked the creator of the video about that. The tomb and its famous lid all point to it having BEEN a tomb. Why the video claims there was no tomb puzzles me as well. But a lot of other information in the video was pretty standard fare, even if a bit slanted in its presentation.

  4. Mario Says:

    The whole video was slanted. Many people believe that the Maya had been destroyed (disappeared) by the time the Spaniards arrived. This is not true. The Maya had mostly gone to jungle life by then, abandoning their great cities. They somehow knew when to go back to jungle living. Had they been still dwelling in their cities, they probably would have been crushed completely. Because they lived in jungles, the Spaniard did not see them as much a threat as the Aztecs (Mexica).

    Many of the Maya books that were supposedly destroyed, were probably taken secretly to the Vatican.

    • rsmarshal Says:

      Actually, although many of the Maya had deserted their cities for the safety of the jungles there were still several Mayan cities and kingdoms holding out against the Spanish conquerors for a time. Eventually, they too were conquered.

      And for all the killings the Spanish warriors accomplished, there were far many more people who were exterminated through the diseases brought in by the Europeans. Much more were killed through that agency than by the sword. The same happened when the Europeans reached Hawaii.

      Funny how “germ warfare” has always done a better job than the sword.

  5. Ismael Benedictum Says:

    There are no aliens here but the devolution process has not been completed hence the Mayan civilization covers the 3rd generations of humans after the Atlanteans. The 3rd generation of humans were of various sizes from 3 feet up to 30 feet scattered over the world and through this generation was the devolution completed and the perfect man thence has been perfected and Adam was created. The existence of the 3rd generations and that of Adam overlaps and it contuinued until the Deluge in Noahs time when the Nephilim or Watchers co-habited with the fair women of the earth with offsprings of giants too who later began eating humans. Ismael Benedictum

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