No New News

In the past few months I have seen several news flashes about exciting new discoveries from Mexico about the Mayan Calendar.

Since this is something I have had a keen interest in, I quite naturally read the articles. Unfortunately, there was nothing really new about it. I mean, sure, they had uncovered something new but their interpretations were completely un-new.

One article mentioned new interpretations of an older legend, trying again to defuse the 2012 furor. Another was from a meeting of the Mayan Council who announced the end-date was nothing more than a spiritual awakening. Yes, more of the usual stuff in the press.

But one mentioned the finding of a second source of the 2012 prophecy.

Yes, a second source about the ending of the Mayan calendar was found and it created a stir but it merely seemed to corroborate the standard historical model.

The really shocking thing about this announcement to most people was: what? only a second reference? You mean all this fuss about the world coming to an end rests solely on the shoulders of the interpretation of one single historical source?

(Yes, and there are still many historians who think that interpretation is in error. So, all the fuss really does seem much ado about nothing, huh?)

Anyway, this last announcement was made about this time last year. Until then there had only been one inscription about the end of the calendar. (Yes, only ONE. The Tortuguero tablet was found years ago and mentioned something going to happen on that day.)

This new inscription was called “the Comalcalco brick” for the site where it was found. Several scholars said the inscription uses the past tense and it an historical reference, not a prophecy.

The new find was also apparently covered with stucco and, supposedly, never meant to be seen. Of course, that makes it seem like it was not meant to be seen… until now, but that sounds too much like conspiracy theory, doesn’t it?

In case you are unfamiliar with the only Classic Mayan reference to the end date, the Tortuguero tablet describes some action on December 21st, 2012, involving Bolon Yokte, a Mayan god associated with both war and creation.

Damage to the stone tablet, decay, and a crack seem to obscure the end of the message, though some interpret the ending as: “He will descend from the sky.”

Of course, the historians say it is all a tempest in a teapot and the Mayans say there is nothing to worry about.

So we should probably just relax, huh?

Except if the God of War and Creation (implying destruction first) was coming, I would definitely want to take from precautions, wouldn’t you?

My last entry on the Chilam Balam also had something interesting to note about Bolon Yokte.

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