As Above, So Below?

The Orion Correlation was proposed by Robert Bauval in 1983.

This was the idea that the three great pyramids at Giza (in Egypt) were planned according to the positioning of the stars on Orion’s belt.

One thing lead to another and an entire corpus of ancient religion has now been infused with so many astronomical correlations. And mysteries. What were the ancients saying to us about the importance of this correlation? It must have been fairly important to spend so much time and effort into what should otherwise seem a very lengthy exercise in futility.

Many mainstream scientists and historians – naturally, of course – disagree with anything of the sort.

Most think the connection is far too superfluous to have any grounds in reality.

Enter the Mayan connection…

Many, many researchers have noted the striking parallels between the Mayan civilization and that of the Nile river. Pyramids, for a start, and it goes onward from there.

Yet until now there has been no constructions in Mayaland that resembled this correlation with the stars in heaven. (Well except for that god thing I have mentioned a few times.)

Now, this parlor game, usually dismissed as child’s play by many scholars has been given a new lift. Incidentally, as child’s play.

Yes, a ten-year-old lad from Canada was enthused about the Maya civilization and was busy mapping out all the centers of their civilization when he made a tantalizing connection:

The cities were arranged in patterns that resembled the constellations overhead!

Once he happened onto this nifty piece of serendipity, he sought to find more correlations.

Unfortunately, for his theory, there was a blank space where he was certain a Mayan center should have been. The historical researches had shown no city at that location.

So he got a hold of satellite photos and discovered that there is evidence of a city at that exact location!

See more at

Perhaps some other intrepid non-mainstream researchers will lead us further in our quest for knowledge rather than simply dismissing such things out of hand.

And perhaps it will assist our understanding of the Egyptians, as well.

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