In the Beginning

In 1989, I purchased a book at my local New Age bookstore, the Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by José Argüelles [1988, Bear & Company].

In reading it, my interest in the Maya and their Calendar was reawakened. Other reading and study followed, and a decade later I had started a novel (Cycles – a Mayan Tale, unfinished as of this writing) on the Maya and how their Calendar came about.

In doing more in-depth and up-to-date research, I was surprised to see that no one had arrived at the same interpretation I had about the Maya End-Date and what it really meant. I had thought their meaning was so obvious… How could everyone overlook it?

I realized the reason no one could see what I thought the Maya stated quite clearly, was the blinders we are wearing, preconceived notions about the world, the universe, and the mechanics of nature.

After an exhaustive internet search, I determined that the interpretations of its meaning were as many and as varied as there were authors on the subject and yet they were all falling into two basic categories:

1 – Those believing the world was going to end by one horrible method or another, and
2 – Those who thought we were entering a new age of enlightenment.

Having heard both theories before, the first on various and sundry occasions by a large number of “kooks” and members of the fringe, the second in relation to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius in the ’60’s, I really did not put much stock in either.

Why was no one seeing the true message? The Maya were not trying to be confusing or mystical, they put the answer right out there.

So, I wrote a book, 12•20•2012; Or Last Golden Sunset? and tried to get it published. But after a year without getting either an agent or a publisher interested in what I thought was a “hot topic”, I decided to just put it up on the internet in this blog format. I think the theory should be aired and discussed before people start going off the deep end – that is, if my interpretation is correct.

In 1950, Immanuel Velikovsky wrote about the mechanics of the universe through the explanations given in the Old Testament. What this told us about the world was quite different from the science textbooks. But, naturally, Sagan and his crowd won the day and Velikovsky was relegated to the fringe area of pseudoscience. He was declared a “crackpot”.

Now we have another source of cosmological data that falls into the same category. Most people choose to believe the Saganized picture of the universe that it has been the same and unchanging for “billions and billions” of years. Or you can believe some rather terrified eye-witnesses tried to explain what they did not understand in symbols that they could to wrap their minds around.

What the End-Date means is not up for barter. If you believe in the End-Date the Maya gave us, you have to believe their reason for giving it. Not some modern notion for our own more personal psychological needs.

The message here is really rather simple to state but the ramifications go a lot deeper and wider than most people would be willing to tackle.

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