Some Revelations

Many historians are now of the opinion that the “predictions” of the Book of Revelations is nothing more than postdiction, meaning written after the events it describes.

Therefore, the “beast” is taken to be Nero – his name in Greek is Neron Caesar, supposedly what the Jews would have called him, which numerologically works out to 666 – and the other portents are supposed to be events falling somewhere in the later first century.

For many, this explanation seems to answer all the questions and they regard the predictive element as non-existent.

Unfortunately, there is one specific part that does not fit their interpretation: And the Sun shall become as sackcloth (Rev.6:12). This one line seems to indicate that the Sun will darken, to the shade of burlap, I suppose, but will definitely change its appearance. I have tried but cannot find any instance in the first century when this occurred.

As this line falls into step with my interpretation of the Mayan prophecy, I would assume it means that the remainder of Revelation has not occurred either.

Just a thought. But, as with all things 2012, only time will tell.

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