2012 – the Movie

I ventured out this weekend to see the Hollywood blockbuster, 2012. It was much what I had anticipated since it was made by Roland Emmerich.

More entertaining than The Day After Tomorrow but not as good as Independence Day, it was primarily about the special effects.

And any data about the Mayan Calendar coming to an end was as minimal as possible so the connection was tenuous at best. It was what he set out to make: another apocalyptic film.

The most prevalent theory about the Mayan Calendar ending is the “golden era” hypothesis. But that would not translate too easily to the big screen especially for Mr. Emmerich.

The theory he chose was the pole shifting one: plenty of death and destruction on hand in that scenario.

But the connection with the Mayan Calendar End-Date, mentioned a few times early on but getting lost as the story progressed, was never made completely clear. At the very least, he should have had someone mention it was December 21st when all hell broke loose.

The one bow he made to the general theory was saying the planets would line up on that date with the center of the galaxy (John Major Jenkin’s contribution to the field). Unfortunately, the accompanying graphic showed far too many planets in the alignment. There is, after all, only one aligning with the Sun in that configuration: the Earth.

I had hoped for more of a Maya connection from the film but, like I said, I really did not expect much. Still, it was entertaining.

And very intriguing that Emmerich chose the Sun to figure so prominently in the debacle. Most current theorists barely mention it.

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